Pet & Livestock Feed

Reed’ Services, Inc. is now able to meet all of your pet and livestock needs through our relationship with Nutro Line Dog and Cat food and Purina Line Livestock and Deer Feed.  Reed’s Services, Inc. offers a wide array of food, supplies, treats and products aimed at making your pet healthy and happy.  We carry products for all stages and types of dogs (puppy, adult, small and large breeds and seniors).  We have numerous options for dogs that include chicken, salmon, beef and lamb as its main ingredient and grain free varieties .  We also have a wide assortment of treats for man’s best friend.  Our selection includes: Greenies, Pup Corn, Rawhide Chews, Hooves and many different type of natural bones.  All our treats are 100% natural and made in the USA.


Why did we choose to be one of only Nutro Line suppliers in Lawrence County?  It’s very simple…. QUALITY. Nutro Line Dog & Cat food strive to give your pets the best and believe that by using real, recognizable ingredients with a purpose makes all the difference.  Nutro Line commitment to this philosophy means:

  • High quality protein source is the #1 ingredient                *Recipes rich in nutrients and full of flavor
  • Made with N0N-GMO ingredients                                      *No artificial preservatives
  • No chicken by-product meal                                                 *No corn, wheat or soy protein
  • No artificial flavors or colors

Reed’s Services, Inc. hasn’t forgotten about the care and nutrition required to have healthy livestock and to this end, we also carry a full line of Purina Livestock Feed.  We provide the finest quality feed for:

  • Poultry Feed – Start & Grow Medicated; Laying Chickens, Fine Ground Oyster Shells
  • Duck Grower Feed
  • Mixed Flock Feed
  • Goat Feed
  • Sheep Feed
  • Rabbit Chow Complete Feed
  • Deer Feed – Purina Antler MAX; Deer Block Antler MAX (33 & 20 lbs.); Cracked and Shelled Corn (50 lb. Bags)
  • 12% Protein Sweet Feed

To explore nutritional values and the benefits associated with each product simply “CLICK” on the logo